About Haryana Vocational Education

NSQF is a nationally integrated education and competency based skill framework that will provide for multiple pathways both within vocational education and between general and vocational education to link one level of learning to another higher level and enable learners to progress to higher levels from any starting point in education and skill system. It is a framework to enhance employability skills of our students by introducing applied learning skills in integration with academic stream.

The trainings conducted in the scheme are based on the Nation Occupational Standards set by NSDC through its Sector Skill Councils. The scheme also mandates the SSCs to conduct assessments and certification jointly with the State Board.

Haryana is the only state in the country having successfully launched and implemented NVEQF pilot project allotted by MHRD during 2012-13. The state has taken another lead in establishing a State Level Centre of Excellence in the applied learning skills at Faridabad with a Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School in applied learning skills in its campus where all the seven skills have been introduced and each student enrolled in class 9th would take up IT/ITeS in addition to one other trade.

The State has also started implementation Star Scheme for skilling unemployed youth, enhancing the employability skills of out of school children, semi-skilled persons, empowering girls and women and also rope in the children studying in regular schools who opt for training posts school hours. The scheme is being implemented by NSDC.

NSQF is providing a Certified and expert Resource persons from near-by industries came to schools and share their skills and experiences with students to give them more knowledge about the skills/sectors which help them to get more interest and inspiration in the subject.
Student were taken to near-by industries for experience the live working and learn things practically. A real time job-training is provided to students in their concerned skills/sectors.
A counselling session for students of L-4 is organized to guide them for future. For the students who are interested in placement, Job fair is organized where a number of employers and job seekers come together for the purpose of applying and interviewing for jobs.
After counselling of students, those who are interested in placements, A job fair is organized and students placed in company of their choice and requiments. Their is also a facility of apprenticeship for students.